APRIL 02, 2014 - New Track : Deep City Blues
Deep pounding rhythms dominate this blues number. It doesn't come any richer. If you're looking to boost and shift your visuals into another dimension, look no further. Singing lead vocal and crying the blues is the great Sonny Hatton. Backup vocals by the highy talented Fiona Hammond, Jill Shipley and Katie Sutherland. We're lucky to have James Owens on bass and keyboards with Scott Hatton doing phenomenal things with his guitar leads. Dmitry Egunov wails away on the sax while Andrew Moyes does a magic act with his harmonica. What a number! Check it out:

MARCH 16, 2014 - New Track : Gonna Leave You
It's crying time again. Here's a great full song track for those emotional visuals you've put together. There's nothing like a sad ballad to set the right atmosphere. Fiona Hammond does an incredible job singing the lead with amazing background harmonies from Laura Inostroza, Jill Shipley, and Katie Sutherland. Sing it, ladies! Playing bass and keyboards is the super cool James Owens. On the guitar is the one and only Scott Hatton. Blowing hot sweet sax is the master himself, Mr. Dmitry Egunov. Great down tempo song! Check it out:

FEBRUARY 11, 2014 - New Track : He's My Honey
Not only does Rock 'n Roll never die, it's making a big comeback in today's music. If you're looking for the sweet sounds of rhythm and blues to accompany your visuals, this one's for you. The lead singer is the one and only Fiona Hammond who belts it out just fine. The strong backup vocals of Emilie Owens, Laura Inostroza and Jill Shipley adds the punch to this great tune. On bass and keyboards is the scintillating James Owens. On lead guitar is the amazing Scott Hatton and Dmitry Egunov wails away on his tenor sax. Simply great music! Check it out:

JANUARY 17, 2014 - New Track : I Remember You
Looking for a romantic song track to set a mellow tone for your movie? Look no further. Take out your hankies and cry along with this one. Singing the lead vocal is the dreamy-voiced Laura Inostroza and backing her up are the powerful trio of Fiona Hammond, Katie Sutherland and Jill Shipley. Sing it, ladies. On bass and keyboards is the magnificent James Owens. On lead guitar is the incomparable Scott Hatton and on tenor sax is the reed master Dmitry Egunov. What a combo! Check it out:

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