AUGUST 22, 2012 - New Track : But You Can't Hide
Nice piece of music on the mellow side and great for an intro or segue. We had some trouble coming up with a good bass line but a call to Danny Pascal and ten minutes in the studio tied it all together and made the piece flow. Bobby Sofino blows a breezy tenor sax and Alexei Brodnoff works his magic on the keyboard. Check it out:

AUGUST 21, 2012 - New Track : Kiss Allie Goodbye
This is a great transition piece. From the joy at seeing a dear friend depart on a voyage to the loneliness it brings after they're gone. Adrian Steeves on the double bass and Bobby Sofino on alto sax take us through subtle chord and mood changes on this number that starts off breezy but turns darker and mellow at the end. Check it out:

AUGUST 20, 2012 - New Look, New Services, New Music
We've been on the Net producing music for many years. Today we unveil our new look and a few new tracks and we are looking forward to making music for many years to come. We want to thank our clients for using our music in their productions in the past and hope the growing trend continues into the future. We'd like to thank Brad Sorensen for some great tips on site design and Thomas Rollins for coding the back end. Best to you and yours.

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