SEPTEMBER 03, 2012 - New Track : Laughing at the Rain
Great breezy jazz piece that serves well as an upbeat opener or closer. On the alto sax is the superb Nathan Cepelinski one of the finest saxaphonists around and on bass is the incomparable Ron Halpern. Together with Barry Tembola on percussion and Alexei Brodnoff laying down the piano bed, they make the track soar to new heights. What a great tune! Check this one out:

AUGUST 31, 2012 - New Track : Erik Satie Remembered
Seems like it's the week for 'Dark and Mellow'. Kevin MacLeod was kind enough to donate his own rendition of Erik Satie's well-known piece Gymnopedia No 3 to Creative Commons licensing. We brought in Bobby Sofino and overlaid his saxophone with some great drums and percussion from Barry Tembola. This is a perfect track for a sad close or a segue to a sad/mellow visual. Check it out:

AUGUST 25, 2012 - New Track : If I Could Fly
Nice piece of uplifting music and great for an intro or outro. Bobby Sofino blows a great baritone sax but we needed another lead to compliment and offset him so we brought in Tom Pokinko one of the best jazz/blues guitarist around. Together, they make sweet sounds and their music flies and inspires. Tom will also be featured on several new tracks we're currently developing. Meanwhile, check this one out:

AUGUST 23, 2012 - New Track : Crossing 47th Street
Here's a great 'travelling' piece to round out your music library. A good friend of ours sent us a short five note Clav loop. Although we use synths from time to time, we're really not into the Electronica/Techno/Trance scene. There are tons of good producers of this type of music but it was so catchy, we wanted to try it in our own style. We brought Bobby Sofino and his alto sax into the studio and came up with this great piece of techno jazz. Check it out:

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