SEPTEMBER 22, 2012 - New Track : Bonita Sunrise
It's been a tough night but the sun is rising and it brings a promise of renewal and happiness. This is a great outro or close. We made it easy to cut bumpers if you need them anywhere else in your visuals. On the acoustic guitar is Tom Pokinko one of the best jazz/blues guitarist in town. On sax is the splendid Bobby Sofino. With Barry Tembola on drums and Ron Halpern on bass, they rise to the top playing the sweet sounds of latin blues. Check this one out:

SEPTEMBER 16, 2012 - New Track : Big Daddy Chill
It's late at night in the big city and you're cruising the hot streets in your '57 Chevy searching for the one that got away. On the bass guitar is Brendon Bartlett one of the chilliest bass players around and on sax is the versatile Bobby Sofino. Alexei Brodnoff lays down the blues on the keyboard and Barry Tembola drives the beat with his drums. What a combo! Check it out:

SEPTEMBER 14, 2012 - Hanging Out the Sign
What happens when you put a sign in your window looking for musicians? It's like magic. We've had over 20 musicians who want to record with us. And not just any musicians. The sign attracted Dave Ward, Tom Pokinko, Scott Hatton, Adrian Steeves, Brendon Bartlett and a host of other super cool dudes who walked or drove by the studio and inquired within. Gotta love it.

SEPTEMBER 09, 2012 - New Track : Wherever You Go
What do you get when you put an alto sax and a flamenco guitarist in the same studio? You get the sweetest Spanish jazz in town. No kidding. On the alto sax is the fabulous David Ward one of the coolest saxophonists around and on guitar is the nimble-fingered Nate Plesser. This track can be used as a catchy ident for any upbeat commercial. Check it out:

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