JUNE 17, 2014 - New Track : Don't Walk Away
Another 'mellow' addition to our library and perfect for a sad, romantic visual. Singing lead is the amazing Fiona Hammond who knows how to belt it out. Sing it, baby! Backing her up are the sweet sounds of Laura Inostroza, Katie Sutherland and Jill Shipley. This song also introduces two new saxophonists in the lead solos. First up is the amazing Brian 'Motown' Asselin on the tenor sax. Then we have the scintillating Scott Hatton on lead guitar. Up next is the fabulous Samuel 'Cannonball' Cousineau also on tenor sax. And the backbone of the Jazz House Blues Band, the one and only James Owens on bass and keyboards. We heartily welcome Brian and Sam to the Band. You really gotta Check it out:

MAY 28, 2014 - New Track : Call a Doctor
Looking for a punchy uptempo audio intro for your next video project? This is it. Need a little soul for that documentary you're into? This is it. On lead vocals is the dynamic Fiona Hammond who steams up the track. The powerful backup singers are Laura Inostroza, Jill Shipley and Katie Sutherland. These songbirds got attitude! On bass and keyboards is the rock-steady James Owens. On tenor sax is the master himself, Dmitry Egunov and stomping the track with his lead guitar is the one and only Scott Hatton. Beam me up, Scotty! Check it out:

MAY 08, 2014 - New Track : Everything About You
Here's a catchy upbeat track as an intro for those home movies you've buried for so long. Go on, take out those videos of you and your sweetheart and make that movie you always wanted. Singing lead is the fabulous Fiona Hammond and backing her up are those glorious songbirds Laura Inostroza, Jill Shipley and Katie Sutherland. Sing it ladies! On bass and keyboards is the magnificent James Owens. On guitar is the great Scott Hatton and blowing sweet sax is the groovy Dmitry Egunov. You know you need this classic track with it's hint of Motown. Check it out:

APRIL 25, 2014 - New Track : Ready For Romance
Here's a breezy number in a swing style that sits perfectly under a light romantic visual or an intro to a romantic comedy. Whatever you choose, this track will certainly set the right mood. Singing lead vocal is the glorious Fiona Hammond with sweet backups from the lovely Jill Shipley and the delightful Katie Sutherland. On bass and keyboards is the multi-talented James Owens. On lead guitar is the brilliant Scott Hatton and blowing sax is the illustrious Dmitry Egunov. Take a step back in time and Check it out:

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