OCTOBER 16, 2012 - New Track : Midnight in Kingston
You want smooth? We got smooth. It doesn't get any smoother than this. Here's a great background track for virtually any multimedia production. On the tenor sax is the fabulous David Ward one of the smoothest saxophonists around and on keyboard is the magician Alexei Brodnoff. This track can also be used as a catchy ident for any commercial. Check it out:

OCTOBER 08, 2012 - New Track : I See Live People
This is a great piece of music for an opener to an indie film or commercial. This breezy upbeat track triggers happy moods and adds great depth to your visuals. On the flute is the fabulous Jean-Luc Poirier one of the finest wind players around . On guitar is the wonderful Nate Plesser with Barry Tembola driving the beat. Check it out:

OCTOBER 03, 2012 - New Track : Last Night in Paris
You have bittersweet memories while you're waving goodbye to the one you left behind. This is a perfect close or romantic interlude. On the piano is the master Alexei Brodnoff one of the finest keyboard players around . On sax is the wonderful Bobby Sofino and Barry Tembola drives the beat. Check it out:

SEPTEMBER 26, 2012 - New Track : Richmond Road Blues
You're waiting at the restaurant where you first met the love of your life when your cell phone rings and it's her telling you she's met someone new and won't be coming. This is the perfect segue into a heart-wrenching visual. On the electric guitar is the scintillating Scott Hatton one of the finest blues guitarist around. On sax is the intrepid Bobby Sofino. Beam us up, Scotty! Check them out:

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