NOVEMBER 20, 2012 - New Track : Your Sweet Kiss
Great upbeat track to back your 'romantic moment' visuals or for family memories. On the alto sax is the magnificent Nathan Cepelinski one of the finest saxaphonists around and on bass is the incomparable Ron Halpern. Together with Barry Tembola on percussion and Alexei Brodnoff laying down the piano bed, they make the track drip with goodness. What a sweet melody! Check it out:

NOVEMBER 12, 2012 - New Track : Pack Up the Caravan
Pack up your tents and camels and ride the JazzHouseBlues Fusion Train. This is the perfect track for a close or a bumper for your upbeat production. On the acoustic guitar is Tom Pokinko one of the best jazz guitarist in town. On sax is the monumental Bobby Sofino. With Barry Tembola on drums and Ron Halpern on bass, they tear up the desert in a cloud of sand. Check it out:

NOVEMBER 04, 2012 - New Track : Dry Bone Blues
Here's a deep south blues track that will pull you through the streets of the hot gritty city. This is the perfect intro for a dark visual. One that sets the mood and atmosphere quickly. On the electric guitar laying down the blues is the mighty fine Scott Hatton one of the finest electric guitarist around. On sax is the legendary Bobby Sofino and Ronny Halpern pumps the bass. What a combo! Check it out:

OCTOBER 26, 2012 - New Track : Lucy's Night Out
Sometimes we like to take a walk on the wild side and introduce instruments not normally heard on jazz/blues cuts. We're lucky to have a great musician who can bend and slide notes on a great piece of brass. On the slide trombone is the fabulous Harry Pembleton one of the coolest trombone players in the city and on keyboard is the spectacular Alexei Brodnoff. This track can be used as an intro or outro for any of your visuals or broadcasts.. Check it out:

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