JANUARY 17, 2013 - New Track : Hot Lava Baby
What a great opener to an upbeat indie or documentary film or maybe for a commercial on broadcast radio. This breezy track is a great attention-getter and will seriously enhance your broadcast message. On the flute is the super fabulous Jean-Luc Poirier one of the finest wind players around . On guitar is the talented Nate Plesser with Alexei Brodnoff driving the keyboard. Check it out:

JANUARY 06, 2013 - New Track : Yesterday Was Good
This is a wonderful piece of music with a heavy backbeat that can be used for an opener to a documentary or commercial. This breezy upbeat track triggers positive moods and adds great zest to your visuals. On the flute is the super fabulous Jean-Luc Poirier one of the finest flutist in town. On keyboard is the wonderful Alexei Brodnoff with Ron Halpern on bass helping drive the beat. Check it out:

DECEMBER 09, 2012 - New Track : Driving Miss Muffett
Need a great upbeat intro for a retail TV commercial or broadcast? Need a strong close for a documentary? Or maybe you just want to add some sizzle to your home movies. This track is it. On the bass guitar is the seasoned James Owens who lays it on thick. On the tenor sax is the amazing Dale Jones one of the best in town and on lead and rhythm guitar is the bluesy/folksy Scott Hatton. These guys know how to rock! Check it out:

NOVEMBER 25, 2012 - New Track : Bytown Strut
Strutting down the avenue maybe doing the funky chicken is where it's at. Sweet soul music. Great track for an intro or segue to some cool action scene. On the alto sax is the multi-talented Dale Jones one of the most versaltile musicians in town and on bass is the incomparable Ron Halpern. Together with Barry Tembola on percussion and Alexei Brodnoff laying down some funky keyboard riffs, they truly make you want to boogie. Check it out:

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