MARCH 21, 2013 - New Track : Drifting in Dreamland
Here's a lazy, breezy romp through your mind on a hazy summer afternoon. Great as a laid back intro and bumper for that ultra cool market message you're trying to convey. Doing double duty on the saxophone and the trumpet is the very versatile Dale Jones and on lead guitar is the scintillating Tom Pokinko. On rhythm guitar is the incomparable Nate Plessor and on bass is the amazing Ron Halpern. Great track. Check it out:

MARCH 11, 2013 - New Track : Gone in 60 Seconds
Here's a great 60 second audio track designed to pump up your audience and put them in the mood to buy the product or solution you're promoting. On bass is the formidable James Owens. On saxophone is the old smoothie David Ward and on flute is the pipes master Dale Jones. Keeping these guys honest is Andrew Adams on keyboard and on the guitars are Scott Hatton, Robert MacRae and Tom Pokinko. Great musicians, great music and great people. Check it out:

FEBRUARY 15, 2013 - New Track : Lazy Shephard Swing
Here's a funky-bluesy-jazzy trip through the piano keys. The breezy style is upbeat and sends a message of confidence. This is a great piece for an opener or a close. It has a with-it contempoary message. Don't let the old style basic blues pass you by. This generation loves it too. On the piano is the grand keyboard meister Andrew Adams. Lay it on, bro. Then we have Nate Plesser on guitar and Ron Halpern on bass. What a combo! You simply got to check it out:

FEBRUARY 04, 2013 - New Track : Night Train Blues
This great track is all about smooth and mellow. Listen to the Night Train as it passes by your window. This is a great transition piece for a scene that needs an introspective and melancholy mood and atmosphere. Make sure you put this track in your multimedia library. On the rhythm guitar is the Sultan of Smooth himself, Robert MacRae. Blowing into the tenor sax is the great Bobby Sofino while Bill Vita pulls the bass strings. Check it out:

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