MAY 26, 2013 - New Track : Another Rainy Day
Dark clouds, no crowds. Gray skies, baby cries. It's just another rainy day. Here's a mellow blues number perfect for creating a somber yet hopeful mood for your next project. Blowing harmonica is the amazing Andrew Moyes who knows how to set the atmosphere. On the keyboard is the fabulous Andrew Adams playing those haunting riffs with honkeytonk frills. On guitar are two of the finest musicians, Robert MacRae and Scott Hatton. Great track, guys. Check it out:

MAY 10, 2013 - New Track : Clear Sky Above
Things are looking up and there's a clear sky above. This is a great upbeat positive track that's great for a corporate message or for an intro to a powerful sports visual. On the sax is the King of Cool, David Ward. On bass is the mighty James Owens. Playing the guitar are those Twins of Talent Robert MacRae and Scott Hatton. These guys know how to boogie. Check it out:

APRIL 24, 2013 - New Track : Jamming With Hank
The night is cool but there's hot jazz coming from Hank's basement. It sounds like some of the boys got together for a jam session and they're playing it down and dirty. This is a great upbeat track for a leisurely stroll or ride around town. On bass is the fabulous James Owens and on guitar is the wonderkid Robert MacRae. On the piano is the keyboard meister himself, Mr. Andrew Adams and on tenor sax is the incomparable Dale Jones. Great session. Check it out:

APRIL 02, 2013 - New Track : Summer is Gone
The geese are heading south and morning frost coats the fallen leaves. Goodbye to summer. Hello to winter blizzards and walking through cold deep slush. This is a great track to convey a feeling of brooding melancholy. You can hear the melody of James Owens soulful bass walking all over this piece and Scott Hatton making his guitar sing the blues. On the tenor sax is the mighty Dale Jones crying with the rest of the band. Check it out:

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