JULY 28, 2013 - New Track : Call Me Yesterday
Looking for some light and breezy upbeat music? This is a great track to support your laid-back, positive visuals. Great for setting a happy/lazy atmosphere. On the tenor sax is the invincible Dale Jones. On bass is the amazing James Owens. On guitar is the jazz master himself, Tom Pokinko and on piano, bringing it all together is the fabulous Andrew Adams. Don't let this track slip by. Check it out:

JULY 14, 2013 - New Track : Riding With Spinoza
Looking for an "Up For the Challenge" soundtrack for a sports scene? Need a powerful intro that delivers a high energy punch? This track is it. Driving the melody is the fabulous piano meister himself, Andrew Adams. Stepping up to the plate is the scintillating Dale Jones with his tenor sax. Delivering the chunking and big bottom rhythm guitar work are the tower of power themselves, Robert MacRae and Scott Hatton. And on the bass is the rock-steady James Owens. What a combo! Check it out:

JUNE 28, 2013 - New Track : Cancun Daze
It's midnight in Cancun and a mariachi band is playing beside your table at an outdoor cafe. Suddenly, a harmonica player joins them and sweet latin blues drifts through the streets. Here's a great track to use as a segue or a close to spice up your next production. On the guitar is the great Nate Plesser playing both lead and rhythm. On the bass is the fabulous James Owens. On the trumpet is the exciting Dale Jones and playing the harp is the coolest blues harmonica player in town Andrew Moyes. Do yourself a favour and Check it out:

JUNE 15, 2013 - New Track : On the Borderlands
Were you searching for some serious funky soul as an intro or as a stinger for your next production? Here it is. It doesn't get any funkier than this. On the rhythm guitar is the funk master himself Danny Pascal. On the sax is the great and mighty Bobby Sofino and pulling the bass strings is the amazing Ronald Halpern. Not many studios produce this great style of live music anymore. Check it out:

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