JANUARY 02, 2014 - New Track : Bad Week
Happy New Year! And to start it off on the right note, we have a great new full song track for all you multimedia content producers out there. Perk up your message with this baby. Doing double duty on the bass and keyboards is the magnificent James Owens. Wailing away on the saxophone is the mighty Dmitry Egunov. With his foot stuck on the Wah pedal, the brilliant Scott Hatton does delicious things with his guitar. The lead singer is none other than the glorious Fiona Hammond and backing her up are the delightful and harmonious trio of Laura Inostroza, Jill Shipley and Katie Sutherland. It's time to boogie! Check it out:

DECEMBER 15, 2013 - New Track : Ice Blue Eyes
We know, it's only rock 'n roll but we like it. And so will our customers. Here's our first full length song including vocals that deliver solid rock intros and outros to perk up your visuals and tell the story. On bass is the rock-steady James Owens. Blowing tenor sax to heaven is Dmitry Egunov. Ripping the airwaves on lead guitar is the scintillating Danny Pascal.

Our vocalists are some of the best in Ottawa. How sweet it is! The mellifluous
Laura Inostroza is the lead singer on this tune with strong backups from our songbirds Jill Shipley, Fiona Hammond and Katie Sutherland. What sweet sounds! Don't hesitate. Check it out:

DECEMBER 08, 2013 - New Track : Get Off the Lawn
We're back! The Jazz House Blues Band took a needed vacation from a hectic recording schedule and here we are, all freshed-up and ready to boogie. Here's a jazzy/bluesy number sure to put some life into your visual creations. On the tenor sax is the mighty David Ward who oozes jazz through his pores. Doing double duty on bass and rhythm guitar is the master-class James Owens, a mighty fine musician. And then we have Mr. Scott Hatton, who puts the pedal to the metal and rips a hole in the space/time continuum with his guitar solos. Don't deny yourself. Check it out:

AUGUST 14, 2013 - New Track : Sugar Lip Blues
Here's a great slice of southern soul for your next project. Deep and lazy. This track is perfect for an intro or segue into a laid-back ride through the deep south. On the guitar is the fabulous Scott Hatton who leaves you no time to catch your breath. On the harmonica is the master of the blues harp himself, Andrew Moyes. On bass is the rock-steady James Owens. Great stuff,guys. Check it out:

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