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AUGUST 09, 2014 - Come join us on Facebook!
Meet the Jazz House Blues musicians and find out what's happening at the studio. Get updates on new and upcoming tracks. We'll also be discussing recording techniques, new sound processes and a variety of topics of interest to clients and fans. You'll also be able to comment and provide feedback. Hope to hear from you soon.

AUGUST 02, 2014 - New Track : Gypsy Rhapsody
Here's a really great track for setting a romantic mood in your movie! Latino gypsy jazz is where it's at. Mellow, sweet and smooth. On the acoustic guitar is the nimble-fingered Christian Flores. On bass and piano is the amazing James Owens. What a combo! Don't wait to hear the best in the business. Check it out:

JULY 12, 2014 - New Track : Slater Street Blues
Looking for a slow and mellow audio background for your next production? Here it is. It doesn't get much more mellow than this. On the tenor sax is the magnificent Dmitry Egunov. On lead guitar is the king of blues himself, Scott Hatton and on bass is the haunted sounds of the fabulous James Owens. You really gotta Check it out:

JULY 02, 2014 - New Track : Slip Me Five
Light and breezy jazz. How sweet it is. This tune is great for cutting a stinger or for a breezy outro for your visuals. On tenor sax is the amazing Samuel 'Cannonball' Cousineau blowing sweet riffs everywhere you look. On bass is the amazing Ronald Halpern and on keyboards, we have the talented Alexei Brodnoff laying down the backtrack. Great jazz, folks! Check it out:

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